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  "My father died at his desk. And, at first, only my sister and a few stoned callers to late-night radio shows believed he had been murdered."

Thus begins Stephen L. Carter's thrilling new novel, The Emperor of Ocean Park. The Emperor himself, and the father of the book's hero, was one Oliver Garland, former nominee to the United States Supreme Court. As we join Misha, Oliver's son, née Talcott Garland, he is confronted with the death of a distant father and tarnished public figure. Misha's sister Mariah is convinced it was foul play and has the hackneyed internet posted evidence to prove it. His older brother, The Emperor's favorite, is as absent as ever, preferring his high-octane lifestyle as a leading talk radio host to the emotional quagmire that is the Garland namesake. Kimmer, Misha's wife, has her own reasons for concern over the scandalous possibilities of the late Oliver Garland's death, as she has just recently been nominated for a federal judgeship of her own, possibly fulfilling her lifelong dream, as long as the Judge, Oliver Garland's more useful moniker, didn't leave behind any dirty dealings to be dug up.

Unfortunately, for the lofty legal hopes of Kimmer, for Misha's own career as a law professor at a notable institution of higher education, for the safety and well being of the entire Talcott Garland clan, the Judge did indeed leave something behind. Something many people, some armed, are hoping to be the first to find. At the cemetery, just after the Judge's internment, Misha is approached by Jack Ziegler, Uncle Jack, one of the Judge's oldest friends, who also happens to be a high profile criminal, former CIA agent, with shadowy connections to every criminal organization on the planet. Uncle Jack makes frequent reference to "the arrangements" the Judge left for Misha, and thus Misha's quest begins: for the elusive 'arrangements', for the truth about his father's death and, more importantly, the truth about his father's life.

The carefully constructed maze that the Judge laid out for Misha will prove very difficult to follow, and he will be forced to put everything, his career, his family, his very life, on the line. Unearthing the buried past of a man he barely knew, Misha will find his life perched precariously between the powers that be and the powers that were.

A celebrated law professor at Yale for the past twenty years and the author of seven notable books of non-fiction, Stephen L. Carter has now turned his formidable talents to the realm of fiction. The Emperor of Ocean Park is his debut as a novelist, and before publication it was already one of the most highly-anticipated books of the year. Being torn between his duties as an instructor and the demands placed on a sought-after author, Mr. Carter was kind enough to take a moment from his busy schedule and answer some of Bold Type's questions.

-- Gabriel Delahaye
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