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Emperor of Ocean Park Emperor of Ocean Park

When Judge Oliver Garland dies, he leaves clues for his son that will unearth the entire truth about the Judge's life and death. Risking all for his father's legacy, Misha finds himself at the center of a dangerous storm of political interests. This highly anticipated fiction debut is a richly rendered and heart-stopping chess game between the importance of family and the fragile laws that bind us.

The Solace of Leaving Early The Solace of Leaving Early
In her follow-up to the acclaimed A Girl Named Zippy, Haven Kimmel paints the issues of love, faith, literature, and human nature onto the intimate canvas of an Indiana town filled with quirky characters, a tragic murder, a Mary sighting, a love story, and even a Giant Fizzy.
Shakey Shakey
Jimmy McDonough packs 786 pages with all the ragged glory of Neil Young—from Old Black to Pocahontas, Buffalo Springfield to the Horse and more, far, far more.
Lilli Lilli
Lili, Annie Wang's debut as an English-language novelist, tells two stories of struggle and growth: that of a woman living through the final years of Cultural Revolution China, and through her story, that of China's movement towards modernity. In this issue of Bold Type Annie Wang discusses writing in English and how this challenge effected her protagonist and the story.
The Poems The Egg Code
Mike Heppner's debut novel takes on the Internet and the Way We Live Now as fiction has never tried to do before. It's wildly ambitious, audacious even -- and audaciously long (482 pages) -- but brilliantly so, and hugely entertaining. In this issue of Bold Type, read a short story that displays the wit and talent that fuel The Egg Code, as well as an excerpt from the novel.
Man Walks into A Room Man Walks into A Room, Nicole Krauss
Nicole Krauss' poignant novel, Man Walks Into a Room, is a stunning debut that heralds the arrival of a remarkably gifted writer. A tender treatise on love, connection and memory, it fulfills our desire for any work of fiction—it movingly illuminates the human condition.
Shelley Jackson The Melancholy of Anatomy, Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson's decidedly corporeal stories have titles like "Sperm," "Nerve," and "Phlegm." Bold Type talks to the author of the new collection The Melancholy of Anatomy this month in Part One of a two-part feature to find out about her obsessions with cells, fluids—and writing.
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