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Kissing in Manhattan Kissing in Manhattan
Funny, sexy, and in love with New York, Kissing in Manhattan presents a coterie of urbanites, all either love-soaked, lovelorn or looking for love under the enigmatic auspices of the Preemption apartment building.
The Naughty Bits The Naughty Bits
Based on his popular column, Jack Murnighan's The Naughty Bits explores some of the best writing in the history of literature and the way human sexuality is represented therein. Read an interview with Murnighan and an excerpt from The Naughty Bits.
Out There Out There
In Big Kiss and Out There, "Investigative humorist" Henry Alford plunges from declaiming Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art straight into web sites devoted to mullets, sneeze fetishists, and erotic photoplays.
The Stardust Lounge The Stardust Lounge
At the age of twelve, Deborah Digges's son Stephen was running in gangs, stealing cars, and bringing home guns. The Stardust Lounge is the story of the adolescence that followed.
the last empire The last empire
"I am writing this note a dozen days before the inauguration of the loser of the year 2000 presidential election." Whether he is appraising Harry Truman or John Updike, lamenting our lost republic or defending maligned American heroes, Gore Vidal is unique for his vibrant style and shrewd intelligence.
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