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The Feast of Love Charles Baxter

In The Feast of Love, Charles Baxter's lustrous and immediate prose traces the transformation of his characters from everyday people into lovers fierce and glorious, cynical but amazed, long standing and tender and so satisfied they don't want to wreck your day by telling you about it.
Sam the Cat Matthew Klam

"An ass isn't going to save you"... Matt Klam's stories are energetic, hilarious treatments of love, loss, sex, loss of love, and loss of sex. His sense of humor and his sensitivity to the trials faced by young people in love make his story collection Sam the Cat an unforgettable debut.
What's Not to Love? Jonathan Ames

In addition to writing novels, Jonathan Ames, a self-described "scatalogical participatory journalist", writes a hilariously honest and extremely popular column in the New York Press called "City Slicker", where he courageously explores colonics, transsexuality, enemas, and fatherhood, among other topics. His new book, based on the column, is part social commentary, part memoir, and part rhapsody.
Voice of the Poet: Robert Lowell Robert Lowell

The poet Derek Walcott said that Robert Lowell was "continually trying to get into the core of what it was to be American." For Lowell, that meant approaching life and poetry with two spheres in mind: the political (he was an active figure in public life in a time of political upheaval in the U.S.) and the personal (his book Life Studies has been credited with changing the course of American verse towards "confessional poetry"). Hear Robert Lowell read from his own poetry.
The Question of Bruno Aleksandar Hemon

Aleksandar Hemon's The Question of Bruno is already scheduled to be published in sixteen countries in fourteen different languages, and has begun to earn rhapsodic reviews even before its publication. In this issue of Bold Type, Mr. Hemon discusses literature and writing--their qualities, their purpose, their craft--and the feelings that accompany a literary debut with another young literary phenomenon, Nathan Englander.
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