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  Vikram Seth's prose fiction debut, A Suitable Boy, sold over one million copies worldwide despite the fact that, at 1,349 pages long, it holds the distinction of being the longest single volume ever published in the English language. Now Seth returns with a far shorter, though equally satisfying novel. An Equal Music is a love story, the tale of Michael, a professional violinist who has never recovered from the loss of his only true love, a pianist whom he knew as a student in Vienna. Ten years after their affair has ended, they meet again, and despite the fact that she is now married and has a child, she agrees to accompany Michael and his quartet back to Vienna where their passion is rekindled and secrets are revealed. Seth masterfully conveys the inner life of a musician and deftly articulates the joy and pain of creating music.

In this issue of Bold Type you'll find an interview with Vikram Seth and an excerpt from An Equal Music.
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