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City of Light Lauren Belfer

When hydroelectric power was first harnessed, Buffalo was a city ascending into prosperity. Lauren Belfer's first novel, City of Light, is the story of a dark secret that threatens Buffalo's best citizens, at a time when all of America admired the city for its wealth and sophistication.
Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard Kiran Desai

Salman Rushdie avers that first-time novelist Kiran Desai is "welcome proof that India's encounter with the English language continues to give birth to new children, endowed with lavish gifts." In this issue of Bold Type, Kiran Desai offers an interview, an author reading, and an excerpt from Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard.
The Man Who Tried to Save the World Scott Anderson

The Man Who Tried to Save the World is a gripping work of war reporting. Author Scott Anderson traveled to the rogue Russian republic of Chechnya to search for missing humanitarian worker Fred Cuny, and found that nothing is what it seems in the most dangerous place on earth.
An Equal Music Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth burst upon the literary scene after publishing A Suitable Boy, a 1,349 page Dickensian bestseller that earned critical raves around the world. Seth now returns with An Equal Music, a wonderful love story about two classical musicians that, at a mere 380 pages, is far more manageable than his last novel.
The Night Inspector Frederick Busch

Frederick Busch's new novel, The Night Inspector, recreates a post-Civil War New York City underworld populated by slum dwellers, thieves, and murderers. And Herman Melville. Filled with riveting storytelling and masterful prose, it is further testament to Busch's immense talent.
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