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Mercy Road: an excerpt

  Dalia Pagani's exceedingly evocative writing leaves a lasting impression upon the reader. Her debut novel, Mercy Road, tells the story of the Summer family, trappers on a rocky windswept ridge in Vermont's North Country. It is the opposite of Cold Mountainin that it is the tale of a man and a woman on a journey away from one another, though like that award-winning book it resonates with myth and is beautifully descriptive. Her prose at first appears stark like the unforgiving land her characters inhabit, yet it is actually descriptively lush and graceful. A perceptive writer, she creates pervasive moods that slowly wash over the reader. Pagani is impressive in her ability to blend the natural and spiritual worlds in her writing while instilling her characters with depth and soul. Bleak, yet honest, Mercy Road is a clear and disturbing portrait of a forgotten corner of the American landscape.

In this issue of Bold Type, Dalia Pagani offers an essay on the land she grew up on and an excerpt from Mercy Road.

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