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A Walk in the Woods: an excerpt

two audio excerpts: A Walk in the Woods and Notes From a Small Island

  Bill Bryson returned to America after two decades in England. To rediscover his native land, Bryson impulsively set about hiking the Appalachian Trail, a 2200-mile long path that stretches from Georgia to Maine. His companion on this adventure was one Stephen Katz, an equally ill-prepared and overweight gent with a penchant for beer and donuts. Together they scaled mountains, forded streams, and braved the elements. The result is A Walk in the Woods, an absolutely hilarious book that the story of what happens to two hapless middle-aged guys who go for a walk in the wilderness and find themselves hopelessly out of their depths. Be prepared to laugh out loud. It is also an acute observation of the splendor of our increasingly threatened Appalachian woods. This year marks the trail's 75th anniversary, and Bryson's book is a paean to its place in America's history and cultural landscape.

In this issue of Bold Type, you'll find an interview with Bill Bryson, an audio reading by the author, and an excerpt from A Walk in the Woods.

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