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excerpt   Gordon Grice's starkly graceful essays about predatory animals in rural Oklahoma guide us towards startling truths about our own predatory nature. His book The Red Hourglass has brought readers face to fanged face with the inadequacy of our distinctions between normal and abnormal, dead and alive, good and evil. In this passage Grice recounts how a scientist injected himself with black widow venom and nearly died as a result.  
interview   In this interview, Gordon Grice talks about what it's like having a passion for bugs...  
excerpt   Jon Krakauer's riveting account of the tragic summit attempt on Mount Everest in 1996 is a heart-pounding ride into the world of high altitude expeditions. The world's tallest peak holds no mercy for those who attempt to stand atop its inhospitable peak, and eight climbers paid the ultimate price as a vicious storm overtook them upon their descent. In this excerpt, Krakauer descibes the harrowing experience of climbing the Khumbu icefall, a river of ice possessing extremely unstable blocks of ice the size of apartment buildings.  
excerpt   Michael Pollan was a crossroads in his life when the desire to build a small wood-frame cabin in the woods behind his Connecticut home overtook him. His quest for this "shelter for daydreams" resulted in A Place of My Own, an engrossing narrative that explores the need for personal space and man's relation to nature and structures. In this piece, the author muses on each person's need for a place of solitude, his decision (and expectant skepticism) to build his cabin himself, and thinks about where to place it so as to be sublimely nestled within the landscape behind his house.  
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