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A Face at the Window: an excerpt

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  Few literary authors write their first novel and watch it magically turn into a New York Times bestseller. But that's what happened to Dennis McFarland when he wrote The Music Room in 1990. In 1994, his second novel, School for the Blind, received stunning reviews around the country and confirmed his reputation as a first-class storyteller and prose stylist. Now we have A Face at the Window, a novel that follows Cookson Selway, an escapist with a tormented alcoholic past, who, while vacationing in England with his wife, becomes haunted by the ghost of a young girl who died in a fall from his hotel window sixty years earlier. Selway must find out why he is being haunted by the ghosts--or are they merely odd dreams and fantasies?--that are beginning to jeopardize his marriage.

To introduce you to McFarland's eerie and poignant writing, we've brought you an excerpt and a reading from the new novel, and an essay in which the author reflects on some of his recurrent themes: death, the weight of the past, and ghosts of both a real and metaphorical nature.

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