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A Single Shot: an excerpt

  With A Single Shot, Matthew Jones has found himself floating in a sea of critical acclaim, and with good reason. Jones' third novel is a layered, complex story that is part tragedy, part mystery with touches of humor, real characters and a chilling finale to round it out as something refreshingly new. In the wrong hands, John Moon, A Single Shot's protagonist, would be nothing more than a trigger-happy, white-trash monster. Moon, while stalking a deer out of season, accidently shoots and kills a teenage girl. While trying to dispose of her body in a cave, he stumbles upon a hefty sum of money. What follows is a completely unexpected ride full of suprises.

But the one constant in the book is Moon himself. Jones is able to capture him not as a one-dimensional murderer, but rather as a simple man whose bad luck just seems to get worse. And while each of his decisions seems dubious at best, his character is so human, that one knows there are good intentions behind his carelessness. With seven chapters spanning a full week, Jones draws readers into a 'real time' structure that heightens the feeling of despair and the immediate need for redemption that Moon experiences as time slips away from him.

In addition to an excerpt from A Single Shot, we have "Closing Windows," another, yet altogether different, tale of gunplay and its aftermath, and Matthew Jones' bio, as written by his six-year-old son.

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