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  A good historical novel is not easy to write: only thorough research and keen attention to detail can create a story which plausibly and accurately invokes the past. In Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood does just that with the tale of Grace Marks, one of Canada's most notorious female criminals. A servant girl convicted of murdering her employer in the 1840s, Grace tells her story in a remarkably vivid voice, from her childhood in Ireland to the hardships of being a servant and a member of the underclass in colonial Canada.

In this issue, Atwood shares with us some thoughts about her work on Alias Grace and the reaction it has received, and her editor, Nan Talese, tells Bold Type what it's like to work with this mischeviously clever writer. You'll also find an excerpt from Alias Grace, as well as a special Bold Type exclusive: a letter from a friend of Thomas Kinnear, whose murder is at the center of Alias Grace, to Kinnear's family in Scotland, informing them of his death and the circumstances surrounding it.

Photo Credits: Dominic Turner; Andrew MacNaughton; Thomas Victor.

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