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issue three: death
why such a morbid theme?

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a face at the window a face at the window

Ghost stories usually bring to mind campfires and sleepovers. But A Face at the Window by Dennis McFarland--which poignantly traces the emotional unraveling of a man visited by the spirit of a young girl dead for many years--is a ghost story for grownups. Here in Bold Type, you'll find an excerpt from the novel, an essay describing McFarland's thoughts on ghosts and death, and a recording of the author reading at the National Arts Club in New York last month.
the mistress of spices the mistress of spices

A richly passionate and imaginative fable, The Mistress of Spices deftly portrays the immigrant experience in America while infusing it with a wonderfully compelling magical realism. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni weaves together an exquisite tale of duty, dreams and desire in the new America. Along with an excerpt from the novel, Ms. Divakaruni contributes an essay on her near-death experience and an author notebook on the South Asian Women's Helpline she founded.
alias grace alias grace

Margaret Atwood is a master at creating fully believable portraits of alternate times and places, whether it be in the future as in The Handmaid's Tale, or in the past, as in her newest novel, Alias Grace. In this month's Bold Type, she shares in an author interview some thoughts about her work on Alias Grace and the reaction it has received. You'll also find an excerpt from Alias Grace, as well as a revealing interview with her editor Nan Talese. In addition, we have a special treat: a letter she turned up while doing the historical research that makes the book so richly convincing.
dancing with mr. d dancing with mr. d

Physician-assisted suicide is a touchy topic that will be increasingly in the public eye this year as the U.S. Supreme Court decides its legality. Dr. Bert Keizer's riveting memoir of his years as a physician at a Dutch nursing home and hospice, Dancing With Mr. D, explores this divisive issue with wit and candor. To shed some light on this timely subject, Bold Type offers an author essay, interview and book excerpt.
a single shot a single shot

With one single irreversible action, John Moon inadvertently kills a young girl. Consumed with guilt and fear, his luck getting worse with each attempt to extricate himself from his dilemma, Moon embarks upon a journey that ends with a truly shocking climax. With A Single Shot, Matthew F. Jones delivers a disturbing literary thriller in the vein of James Dickey. In this issue of Bold Type, he shares a brilliant new short story, "Closing Windows," as well as an excerpt from the novel.
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