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Margaret Atwood Oryx Crake
Margaret Atwood has seen humanity's future, and it's much worse than you can imagine.
Family History Family History
Shapiro's fifth book, Family History, is the beautifully rendered and intense tale of the disintegration of a "happy family." Harrowing, heartbreaking, but ultimately hopeful... can you ask for anything more?
Being America Being America
Jedediah Purdy traveled the globe in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks to gauge perceptions of America in the age of globalization. What he found is cause for both hope and despair, and the resulting book, Being America, is a fascinating and timely political treatise.
The Dancer Upstairs The Dancer Upstairs
The Dancer Upstairs is Nicholas Shakespeare's thrilling novel of the search for a Latin American terrorist leader named Ezekiel. Based upon the search for and eventual capture of Peru's Shining Path leader Abimael Guzmán, it calls to mind the masterful work of Graham Greene. With the feature film directed by John Malkovich and starring Javier Bardem about to be released in theaters, and with terror having again forced its way into the public consciousness, it seems apropos to again feature the novel and Nicholas Shakespeare's Bold Type essay "The Search for Guzmán."
National Poetry Month Edward Hirsch and Nicholas Christopher
Banish the cruelty of a wintry spring with extraordinary poetry from Edward Hirsch and Nicholas Christopher. Read, listen and sing aloud for maximum effect.
National Poetry Month poetry
It is impossible to ignore the increase of enthusiasm for all things poetic in recent years in the United States. As National Poetry Month is upon us again, Bold Type presents six poets whose writing displays the variety of styles and voices of contemporary poetry.
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