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Man Walks into A Room Man Walks into A Room, Nicole Krauss
Nicole Krauss' poignant novel, Man Walks Into a Room, is a stunning debut that heralds the arrival of a remarkably gifted writer. A tender treatise on love, connection and memory, it fulfills our desire for any work of fiction—it movingly illuminates the human condition.
Voice of the Poet: Randall Jarrell Voice of the Poet, Randal Jarrell
Randall Jarrell was a very American writer. He loved his sports cars, his cats, and Hollywood; he wrote some of the best war poems of the century, though he never fired a shot himself; his late career recollections of childhood resemble William Wordsworth's in their nuance and William Blake's in their rich complexity.
What Just Happened What Just Happened, James Gleick
James Gleick, one of the original digerati, takes us back to the recent past in his collection of essays on technology entitled What Just Happened. The author discusses this foray into technology's development in this month's Bold Type.
Shelley Jackson The Melancholy of Anatomy, Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson's decidedly corporeal stories have titles like "Sperm," "Nerve," and "Phlegm." In Part Two of a two-part feature, Bold Type offers the tour diary of the author of the new collection The Melancholy of Anatomy. Read about Jackson's literary road trip with friend and fellow writer Kelly Link.
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