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In Far Appalachia, Following the New River North, Noah Adams, host of All Things Considered on NPR and author of Piano Lessons, has written a travelogue of the heart with the New River flowing through it. Far Appalachia is an exploration of a region and it's history and people and, though not a quest, an inquiry into the roots of Adams' own family who settled in Eastern Kentucky

The New is a river that, unusually, travels north to its mouth in West Virginia from its source in North Carolina. Adams travels the 350-mile length of the New by driving, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and, spectacularly, white water rafting. More than a novel of serial adventures in Appalachia, Adams has written with clichÈ-shattering warmth and insight about the mountains that have hosted Daniel Boone and the Cherokees passing through on the Trail of Tears as decently as today's white water rafters and rock climbers. We should be so decent to it's mountain treasures.

In this issue of Bold Type, you will find an interview with Noah Adams and an excerpt from Far Appalachia.

--Catherine McWeeney
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