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Choke Choke
With his first novel Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk found an audience of hundreds of thousands of edgy, angry readers. With Choke he's turned it up a notch with a hilarious, outrageous novel full of dirty sex and countless other acts of all-out depravity. And if there's any justice, he'll get a Pulitzer for it.
The Ultimate Journey The Ultimate Journey
In 629, the revered Chinese Buddhist monk, Hsuan Tsang, traveled across China and Hun-conquered Central Asia on a voyage to India in search of the "the ultimate truth, the truth beyond truth" at the Buddhist source. Richard Bernstein retraces the monk's steps in the elegant adventure of travel, history, paradox, and belief that is The Ultimate Journey.
The Good People of New York The Good People of New York
In her first novel, Thisbe Nissen gives us the combative yet loving mother-daughter pair of Roz and Miranda Anderson, whose neurotic yet passionate personalities prove a seductive attraction for those who meet them.
John Henry Days John Henry Days
Colson Whitehead's new novel, like the folk story that inspired it, is a story of race and fate in American life. In a series of dazzling set pieces, Whitehead relates the story of the famous black folk hero, John Henry, a modern-day freelance journalist, J. Sutter, and the catastrophic shooting spree that brings them together.
Far Appalachia Far Appalachia
Noah Adams conquers some Class V rapids as he travels along the New River from source to mouth in Appalachia. He brings home from his journey stories of rugged migration, Daniel Boone, front porch etiquette, the legacy of the coal mines, and of his Kentucky family.
Honeymoon Honeymoon
Kevin Canty is the young master of a specific, distinctly American kind of short story, the true heir to Raymond Carver and Richard Ford--yet he hasn't published a collection of stories since his cult-classic debut Stranger in this World. Now he's back with Honeymoon.
the last empire The last empire
"I am writing this note a dozen days before the inauguration of the loser of the year 2000 presidential election." Whether he is appraising Harry Truman or John Updike, lamenting our lost republic or defending maligned American heroes, Gore Vidal is unique for his vibrant style and shrewd intelligence.
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