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Joey Anuff and Gary Wolf   There are now 5 million day traders in America, doing their best to outsmart the next guy and get rich off of the fluctuations of the bull market. For a while Joey Anuff, co-founder of, was one of them. In Dumb Money: Adventures of A Day Trader, we live through a typical day in the life of a day trader, sharing the highs and lows Joey Anuff experienced, and also learning the history of the profession as researched by journalist Gary Wolf.  
Anne Sexton   The Voice of the Poet series from Knopf books features the most distinguished poets of the twentieth century, reading from their own work. Listen to Anne Sexton read "Music Swims Back to Me."  
Anne Sexton   "Music Swims Back to Me" by Anne Sexton.  
Anne Sexton   Bold Type's poetry editor Ernest Hilbert discusses Anne Sexton's career and contributions.  
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