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Jill Ciment: author notebook

Teeth of the Dog: an excerpt

Bold Type features Half A Life

  Now and again a writer surprises us. Jill Ciment's previous books were well-received autobiographical works of fiction and non-fiction. Teeth Of The Dog is a pole vault of ambition into an altogether larger literary realm--it's a riveting suspense story which actually calls to mind the work of Graham Greene. It deftly penetrates the heart of the all-too-human darkness that underlies the superficial allures of a "tropical paradise."

Ciment is an extraordinarily tactile and visual writer--you can feel the oppressive heat, the jangled energy, the clamor, tumult and lust of the hungry sad tropics on every page. Her story may be melodramatic, but she has maintained the wit, humanity and lack of sentimentality that have marked her previous work. There is a distilled emotional power in this novel that is remarkable--every word, every gesture, every image counts.

In this issue of Bold Type, Ciment offers an author notebook on the writing of Teeth Of The Dog as well as an excerpt from the novel.
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