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Jill Bialosky   Jill Bialosky's first collection, The End of Desire, is graceful, mournful and often exuberant. "A Sister's Story" is a girlhood memory of walking in the backyard after a rain.  
Mary Jo Salter   Mary Jo Salter's fourth book of poems, A Kiss in Space, is a meditation on the long distances of the imagination. "A Rainbow Over the Seine" is the poem of a mysterious storm and its consequence.  
Mark Twain   Although he is best known for his fiction and his political satire, Mark Twain was not above writing a poem if it served his purpose. "An Ode to Stephen Dowling Bots" (from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) appears in Three Centuries of American Poetry.  
Georgia Johnson   "I Hope I Die While You Love Me" by Georgia Johnson, is a poem that touches the heart, from Three Centuries of American Poetry.  
Jeanette Winterson   Jeanette Winterson is a highly original and consistently daring writer. "The Poetics of Sex" is a story from her new collection, The World and Other Places.  
Devin Burnam   Bold Type proudly introduces author Devin Burnam. "City Line--Newport" explores the thrilling possibilities of youth and love.  
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