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christa wolf medea

A gripping retelling of the ancient Greek tragedy, Medea is a stunning meditation on power and politics. Christa Wolf aptly demonstrates that some things simply never change. Don't miss Margaret Atwood's essay on this powerful novel.
booth david robertson

One of the most important crimes in our nation's history, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, is the basis for this clever historical novel. Like E.L. Doctorow and Caleb Carr, David Robertson deftly recreates the past with rich characterization and evocative descriptions.
8 ball chicks gini sikes

Gini Sikes' disturbing, yet illuminating portrait of young female gangsters tells of the urban violence and horror that has until now been limited to young men. With shocking candor, Sikes humanizes these young girls without sermonizing or offering easy solutions.
black dog of fate peter balakian

The grandson of Armenian immigrants, poet Peter Balakian didn't know about the horrific genocide until he was a young adult. In unearthing the secrets of a family's past, and how they affect its present, Black Dog of Fate is also the powerful story of what it means to be an American, living in a land of immigrants who can never truly forget what they left behind.
crack up at the race riots harmony korine

Harmony Korine's innovative style, in movie projects like Kids and Gummo, has earned him applause even from reviewers who had reservations about his onscreen subjects. The original Ritalin kid, Korine brings his carnival sense of humor and disjunctive aesthetic sense to the written word in his first book, described as "a novel in pieces." The result is by turns funny, depraved, and sad.
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