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how late it was, how late

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  Say what? Say Morvern Callar (sounds like More Vern Caller). It's a name, the name of the magnificent creature who narrates this stirring first novel by young Scotsman Alan Warner. You can call her Morvy for short. No, it's not another Trainspotting. The setting is rural, not urban, and there are drugs, but it's mostly ecstasy, not heroin. No needles, no dead babies. Just a dead boyfriend. There's dialect, but it's a melodious, hypnotic hybrid that is Morvern's very own. Very few bad words: Morvy is not foul-mouthed. From raves to pubs to mountainsides, Morvern takes readers through a strange, grisly, and absolutely breath-taking world. Hers is a story you will not soon forget.

Photo Credits: Richard Hunt.

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