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  Whether he has us mesmerized by a girl on a bus, falling in love with the set of her pale, slender neck and the jagged cut of her hair, or peeling out of the parking lot of the Luau Hut, the Florida wind in our ears and a blind man behind the wheel, Kevin Canty's ability to render a moment flawlessly is one of his greatest gifts to the reader.

Canty's canvases are soulless landscapes onto which he paints exquisitely detailed characters, people who, despite the cold, hard world around them are remarkably warm and real, and manage to reflect simultaneously despair and fierce hope for their lives.

For this issue of Bold Type, Canty has contributed an original essay, "Alcohol," a fitting subject for an author's meditations. We've also got "Moonbeams and Aspirin," a gem of a short story, which isn't blatantly vice-laden but gives us the feeling that there is some unhealthy behavior occurring just out of sight. Print it out for your next short trip. Finally, a short excerpt from Into the Great Wide Open illustrates Canty's powerful, spare prose and begs to be read aloud.

Photo Credit: Miriam Seger

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