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Shelley Jackson is known in writerly circles for her work of hypertext fiction, Patchwork Girl, but with The Melancholy of Anatomy, she's created something as multi-layered and original as the older piece, but in a distinctly analog medium.

Maybe distinctly "organic" would be more appropriate in this case, since The Melancholy of Anatomy represents a return to the body, the central theme of the Frankenstein-like Patchwork Girl. But this time, instead of the body in its incongruous entirety, Jackson focuses on the fluids and connective tissues—what she terms "residues"—that shape the body's relation to the world. The result is a very smart, humorous, and emotionally complex collection of stories.

In Bold Type's special multi-part Shelley Jackson feature, you can read an interview with Jackson and the full text of her story "Sleep", as well as entries from her tour diary. Be sure to check back for new tour diary installments throughout the month.

Jackson and Kelly Link, author of Stranger Things Happen (Small Beer Press, 2001) have taken a DIY approach to their book tour. The two friends have taken off in a graffiti-ed van in hopes of entertaining both old and new fans across the country. You're sure to enjoy hearing about what they encounter...

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