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Franklin Flyer, Nicholas Chrisopher Franklin Flyer, Nicholas Chrisopher
In this shimmering work of fiction, Nicholas Christopher follows the remarkable life of Franklin Flyer—a restless young inventor named after the train on which he was born—through the tumultuous years of the Great Depression, into the Second World War.
National Poetry Month National Poetry Month
National Poetry Month is an institutional recognition of poetry, an opportunity for publishers to market, bookmongers to vend, schools to instruct, critics to vent, organizations to publicize, and poets to either flee or embrace the abundance of attention.
The Fourth Treasure, Todd Shimoda The Fourth Treasure, Todd Shimoda
The Fourth Treasure blends lyrical prose with beautiful drawings informative sidebars to create an extraordinary (and extraordinarily unusual) novel that spans generations, continents, and—from the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy to cutting-edge neuroscience. Shimoda explains how he juggles all these issues and still keeps his writer's eye on "the feeling of a novel."
Stay Stay, Nicola Griffith
Nicola Griffith has won a wide variety of literary awards and a wider variety of literary praise; she has been compared to Allen Ginsberg and to John Woo. She takes it up a notch—both the poetically shimmering sentences and the lushly choreographed violence—in her new novel, Stay.
The Melancholy of Anatomy, Shelley Jackson The Melancholy of Anatomy, Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson's decidedly corporeal stories have titles like "Sperm," "Nerve," and "Phlegm." Bold Type talks to the author of the new collection The Melancholy of Anatomy this month in Part One of a two-part feature to find out about her obsessions with cells, fluids —and writing.
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