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  One of the stories in Alicia Erian's new collection The Brutal Language of Love is about a student who plays with the idea of seducing her lesbian teacher with a short film; another is about a movie-house employee whose sex- and family-life revolve around the cinema. The author herself has produced a short film, and will soon co-direct a feature film with her husband. Yet whatever fascination Erian has with the cinematic form, she has a masterful grasp of what written fiction achieves better than movies. Her nine-story collection abounds with intimacies one just can't experience in a crowded theater:

"He looked down at himself and saw the blood on his condom. He touched it." (from "On the Occasion of My Ruination")
But also:

"If love was love, it was urgent and ripe and carried with it the faint odor of humiliation, so that there was always something to be made up for later, some apology in the works." (from "The Brutal Language of Love")
This month in Bold Type, introduce yourself to Alicia Erian's writing with her Bold Type original nonfiction story, "Betrothed". Listen to her read from "When Animals Attack", and read "Standing Up To The Superpowers", from The Brutal Language of Love.

--Anson Lang
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