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Adam Lloyd Baker   New York Graphic is the story of Virgil, a freelance photographer with a flair for the morbid. When random violence and grisly crime stalk the streets of Manhattan, Virgil is on hand to capture the city's nefarious underside through his camera lens. Read an excerpt.  
A.L. Kennedy   Renowned Scottish novelist A.L. Kennedy's second book to be published in America, So I Am Glad, is a modern-day romantic fable that cements her stature as one of contemporary literature's rising stars. Kennedy deftly surveys the emotional landscape of love and pain, writing with a startling inventiveness and luminous prose that will delight her growing readership.  
Jenny Offill   In Last Things, Jenny Offill's debut novel, the reader journeys with a young girl named Grace whose father is a scientist and builds her dollhouses with lights that actually work and whose mother takes her skinny dipping and teaches her about African hyena men who devour their wives in their sleep. Grace's world is spiraling away as she discovers marvelous truths and bewildering madness as she attempts to distinguish fact from fiction and hope from dissimilating despair.  
Mark Danielewski   With its mutating format and multiple narratives, House of Leaves is as fun to read as it is difficult to summarize. In these audio clips, Mark Danielewski reads two passages from his odd, astounding book.  
Mark Danielewski   In this interview with Bold Type, Mark Danielewski talks about the ten-year project that became his first book, House of Leaves.  
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