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Lost At Sea: an excerpt

  Fishing for crab in the Bering Sea is one of our nation's most profitable and deadliest occupations. Not surprisingly, the worst disaster in U.S. crab fishing history is also the worst disaster in the history of all U.S. commercial fishing, and it is this tragedy that Patrick Dillon explores in his book Lost At Sea. Tracing the two-year investigation launched by the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board, Dillon brings to life a heated cast of opponents: ingenious scientists, defensive marine architects, blue-chip lawyers, and wrangling politicians, all struggling to come to terms with the puzzling loss of two ships and the deaths of fourteen men at sea.

In this issue of Bold Type, read Patrick Dillon's author notebook, about his motivations in writing Lost At Sea, and an excerpt from Lost At Sea.

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  Photo of Patrick Dillon copyright © Anne Dowie

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