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an interview with V. Diane Woodbrown

Halfborn Woman: an excerpt

Intolerance at a Slumber Party

  Nothing much comes of many "coming of age" stories, but V. Diane Woodbrown's first novel, Halfborn Woman, is an exception. The electric sensuousness of Arlen Nichols' memories -- watching manatees by the beach, playing "road sleep" at night -- are part of a masterfully envisioned scheme of a girl's early youth and her unfurling sexuality. Woodbrown is at her best when she depicts the heroine's response to her mother's transformation, from the domineering, abusive parent of her early youth, to the mournful, self-absorbed woman of her adolescence. Halfborn Woman is fully wrought, a story with the gentle but indomitable rhythm of Florida tidewater.

In this issue of Bold Type, we offer an interview with V. Diane Woodbrown, an excerpt from Halfborn Woman, and a brief essay by the author which addresses women's rights.

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