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alan warner returns   Warner's stunning debut novel, Morvern Callar, established him as "one of the most talented, original, and interesting voices around" (Irvine Welsh). These Demented Lands is his extraordinary followup. A young woman--desperate, strange, and strangely familiar--is crossing the surreal landscape of a desolate island on her way to the infamous Drome Hotel. She encounters twisted characters from all over These Demented Lands, including the oddball duo in the following passage.  
tim o'brien goes awol   Going After Cacciato is Tim O'Brien's National Book Award-winning novel about a private who goes AWOL in Vietnam and sets off to walk from Indochina to Paris. In an excerpt in this month's Bold Type, read about the search team's explosive first encounter with Cacciato after he splits for France.  
leslie and the leopards   Being a journalist on international assignment can take you to some pretty hairy places. In this excerpt from Looking for Trouble, read about Leslie Cockburn's encounter with the dreaded Tonton Macoutes of post-Duvalier Haiti.  
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