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stephen kuusisto planet of the blind

Legally blind since birth, poet Stephen Kuusisto attemped to pass for sighted for over 30 years. His luminous memoir is a testament to the power of the human spirit, told in prose so exquisitely beautiful it is impossible to come away from it unmoved.
enduring love ian mcewan

A tragic ballooning accident sets in motion a chilling tale of obsession. Enduring Love brilliantly succeeds as few books do: a gripping page-turner that is intellectually stimulating and utterly mesmerizing.
foreign correspondence geraldine brooks

An affecting memoir of the pen pals that opened the world up to a young Aussie girl and her mission to track them down later in life, Foreign Correspondence is an evocative and poignant tale.
wasted marya hornbacher

A disturbing, yet courageous account of one woman's battle with eating disorders, Wasted is brutally frank and riveting. Listen to the author talk about her harrowing ordeal.
halfborn woman v. diane woodbrown

In V. Diane Woodbrown's first novel we watch a Florida girl come of age in a peninsular world of Pong video games and Slush Yo' Mouth convenience stores. Without condescension or nostalgia, Woodbrown writes clearly and courageously about the emotional economy of a complicated modern family.
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