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The ability to mix text, graphics, and sound makes the web an ideal medium for discussing and savoring new books. It offers authors virtually limitless creative possibilities and makes it much easier than ever before for them to interact with their readers. Bold Type will be a forum for authors and readers to meet each other head-on.

Bold Type will offer you glimpses behind the scenes of the publishing process--introducing you to the editors who pick the books that get published and to others who help shape today's literary scene. The most exciting part of web publishing is the fact that no one has written the rules yet. So give us your input to help us develop future issues.

We want you to be subversive. Print out interesting essays and leave them in cafes and on the subway. Copy and forward articles to your friends via email. Post provocative short stories above the copier in your office. Read book excerpts while you should be working--hey, that's what multitasking was invented for!

pull quote #3   Each issue will have a different theme. For our inaugural issue the theme is"New Voices": we're showcasing a selection of novelists who have stepped forward to the leading edge of contemporary literary fiction. As we reach the end of the millenium, naysayers are busy proclaiming the "Death of the Novel," and of literature in general. We strongly disagree and submit Bold Type as evidence that this is an exciting time for fiction. Bookstores across the country are more crowded than ever, the proliferation of cafés that sponsor reading series continues, and most importantly there is a wealth of great books being written by compelling new authors. The young writers we have gathered for this inaugural issue are a diverse lot, but they have one crucial thing in common--they have each written a book that we feel driven to tell you about.

Bold Type will continue to evolve as authors experiment with different forms of expression and we receive your feedback. We're excited to see what this collaboration produces, and we hope that you'll join us each month to meet new authors, be introduced to their work and share in the glory of their imaginations. Next month we tackle the omnipresent subject of vice, always a favorite of writers. We hope you'll share your thoughts on our Bulletin Board, and don't forget to enter the contest where you can win autographed copies of some of the books feature in this issue.

So don't just sit there, READ!

Larry Weissman