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the giant's house the giant's house

1996 was a good year for Elizabeth McCracken: in one fell swoop, she went from being relatively unknown to one of Granta's "Best Young American Writers," a finalist for the National Book Award, and a 1996 Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Award winner. At the center of it all is The Giant's House, an eccentric love story between a spinster librarian and a teenaged giant...
as she climbed across the table jonathan lethem

Yes, it's a great title, but what the hell does it mean? Jonathan Lethem's latest novel, about a professor whose girlfriend falls in love with a hole in the universe, has us thinking about Alice in Wonderland and demanding that everyone we know read it.
the paperback's killer app the paperback's killer app

Martha Baer, Executive Editor at Hotwired, muses on the relationship between her own work and its media: the Web vs. the printed page.
this is the place this is the place

First-time novelist Peter Rock, reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy in his ability to turn the land into a powerful character, has always been fascinated by the strange and paradoxical relationship of Nevada and Utah: sitting side by side, one is a state of virtuous restraint, the other of sinful abandon.
original color hugh kennedy

Hugh Kennedy's latest novel, Original Color, is a hilarious romp through the art world of the late '80s. Sample the author's wicked sense of humor and biting sarcasm in his essay "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch."

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