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Greg Tate, essayist and longtime journalist for the Village Voice, has assembled what is destined to become a seminal book on race and contemporary culture. In Everything But The Burden, he's woven 19 voices into a forceful, controversial and thoughtful tapestry that stunningly depicts and deconstructs the reaction and repercussions in the African-American community of the white co-opting of black culture. From music to fashion to language, the influence of black culture is becoming more prevalent, more chic and more important. The evidence is everywhere: middle-aged white guys blaring rap from their Volvos; kids from the suburbs wearing FUBU, etc. Why are whites so fascinated? What do blacks get out of this?

Beginning with the timely, "Eminem: The New White Negro" by Carl Hancock Rux, and including writing on Pimpology, Steely Dan, White Guilt, and a look into a Black Future, the essayist and poets here will doubtless bring readers closer to understanding just what "everything but the burden" means to both black and whites.

In this issue of Bold Type you'll find Greg Tate's "Nigs 'R Us or Blackfolk Became Fetish Objects", the introduction of the book, as well as Rux's essay, "Eminem: The New White Negro".

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