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Growing up white in rural Rhodesia as civil war overtook the nation and resulted in the eventual birth of Zimbabwe, Alexandra Fuller could have taken taken any one of several different routes when writing a memoir of her childhood. She could have gone defensive, or written about a personal journey of enlightenment, but thankfully she has written a clear-eyed, honest and unsentimental book. It's a simultaneously tough and tender family saga and a love story about a woman and a continent.

Alexandra, or Bobo as she's more commonly known, grew up on a succession of farms in southern Africa in a world that was rapidly changing around her. With a child-like clarity she recounts how her eccentric mother ran the farms and raised her children while her father was often off fighting Rhodesian rebels and seeking for the family's next opportunity. There was the tragic loss of three of her siblings to disease and accident, and tales of violence and sorrow that could overwhelm the reader were it not for Fuller's wonderful sense of humor. This juxtapostion of comedy and tragedy, along with her clear passion for Africa, which she brings to life on the page with vivid recollections, all conspires to result in an astounding memoir.

Intensely moving, often hilarious and always compelling, Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight is a clarion call announcing the arrivial of a powerful new voice. In this issue of Bold Type you'll find an interview with the author and an excerpt from her memoir.

—Larry Weissman

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