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Notable American Women Notable American Women, Ben Marcus
Notable American Women provides a riotously funny introduction to "Ben Marcus and his world of lies." Marcus' writing absorbs and reflects upon autobiography, history, users' manuals, and missives written entirely in the imperative voice. The result is one of this Spring's most inventive new fiction titles. Marcus discusses his family, his writing, and his penchant for prevarication in this issue.
Electro-boy Electro-boy, Andy Behrman
Step inside the mind of an undiagnosed manic-depressive and prepare to be shocked! Andy Behrman leads you down his primrose path between fast living and the highs and lows of one man's mental illness. Watch as Andy sinks into a media-frenzy art counterfeit imbroglio, then be amazed when he finds himself addicted to electro-shock therapy. His new memoir chronicles the drug fueled, sex crazed eighties as seen from both the peaks and valleys of self-destruction at its most glamorous.
Aching for Beatury, Wang Ping Aching for Beatury, Wang Ping
Reviled yet fascinating, the tradition of footbinding nevertheless became a form of empowerment for the female community. In this book, author Wang Ping explores this centuries-old custom of extreme beauty.
The Disappearing Body, David Grand The Disappearing Body
Esquire calls The Disappearing Body "a deeply ambitious, witty, disquieting reinvention of the noir thriller." The book is set in post-Probition America, a time and a place saturated with global political conspiracy, the international heroin trade, and the American culture of paranoia -- which resonates uncannily in 2002. In the second of a two-part feature, David Grand addresses why "reinventing noir" now might be particularly appropriate.
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