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helene stapinski   Helene Stapinski's Five-Finger Discount is the history of her kleptomaniac Jersey City family, a blue-collar clan to which larceny came as second--sometimes first--nature. This passage from Stapinski's hilarious, heartbreaking memoir relates stories about "Beansie", Helene's grandfather who earned his nickname by stealing a crate of beans as a child.
stephen lowenstein   In this collection of interviews, filmmaker Stephen Lowenstein speaks to twenty first-rate directors about their first films. Read an excerpt from Bertrand Tavernier's recollections of the writing, financing, casting, and finally, the shooting of The Watchmaker of Saint Paul.
scott claus   "Open Hands" is a hilarious reminiscence about a young man's first summer job. To summarize further a story this compact (1,000 words) would inevitably soften its effect, so without further introduction: "Open Hands" by Scott Claus.
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