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Phoenix J.D. Dolan
In Phoenix, J.D. Dolan remembers the hero he saw in his older brother. From his earliest memories to the strange years leading up to his brother's death, Dolan pays quiet tribute to the events, personal and global, that have shaped his life thus far.
A Girl Named Zippy A Girl Named Zippy
As a child, Haven Kimmel had big eyes and bigger ears. Her memoir of childhood in Mooreland, Indiana is both familiar and peculiar.
Bad Timing Elizabeth Cox
The thirteen stories in Elizabeth Cox's collection Bargains in the Real World feature a cast of "ordinary" people determined to survive the sometimes extraordinary odds and obstacles that they face.
World Within World World Within World
Spender's poem "I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great" is one of the most often-quoted poems of the last century, and his appropriately-celebrated mid-life autobiography World Within World has gained him as much regard since its publication in 1951 as his poems.
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