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The Accidental Buddhist: an excerpt

  To write The Accidental Buddhist, Dinty Moore went on a journey to chart the geography of American Buddhism, from an Indiana auditorium filled with admirers of the Dalai Lama, to a Tibetan Freedom concert with the Beastie Boys, to Change Your Mind Day in Central Park. Though aspects of his Catholic upbringing had made him skeptical of abstract concepts and religious jargon, what he found on his journey profoundly changed his life. Dinty Moore's writing is sincere and filled with good-humor as he cuts through the superficial aspects of American Buddhism and comes to terms with his own religious feelings.

In this issue of Bold Type, read an essay by Dinty Moore about how he outsmarted the feminists and broke through to his daughter; also, read an excerpt from The Accidental Buddhist where he struggles with Monkey Mind and Barbie dharma.

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