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short story: Fin de Siecle

short story: At the Clockmaker's

Barry Yourgrau on Love

  Barry Yourgrau's surrealist short fiction is the perfect treat for Valentine's Day. His milieu is the land of the lovesick and his tales are full of both hilarity and grief. In vivid, dreamlike prose, Yourgrau mines the human heart. These stories, like a recounting of some strange dream, are testament to his unique voice.

In this issue of Bold Type, Yourgrau presents two love stories for Valentine's Day. And you won't want to miss his brilliant audio readings, which are far better than a box of chocolates!

Check out the author's own site, which will be launching in March, at and the film version of The Sadness of Sex, starring Mr. Yourgrau and TV's Peta Wilson, opening in early March.

Photo of Barry Yourgrau copyright © Michael Grecco.

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