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The Other Side of the River: an excerpt

The Story Behind the Story

The Other Side of the River: an audio excerpt

  When Alex Kotlowitz's first book, There Are No Children Here, was released in 1992, it was admired by both the public and the critics: a bestseller, it was named among the 150 most important books of the century by the New York Public Library. In The Other Side of the River, Kotlowitz turns to the subject of race, which has been revived as a major concern in American life after two of the century's most publicized trials. Investigating the mysterious death of a local teenager in Michigan's "Twin Cities," 2,000 miles from the Los Angeles riots and national media coverage, Kotlowitz discovers two communities whose geographical closeness only underscores the suspicions and resentments of each for the other.

In an essay in this issue of Bold Type, Alex Kotlowitz explores his motives in writing his newest book, The Other Side of the River. In an exclusive interview, he explains how the attitudes he encountered in the people of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor are typical of Americans, and offers passages from the book.

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