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A Stolen Tongue: an excerpt

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  Sheri Holman's first novel, which follows a 15th-century pilgrimage from Germany to the Sinai, is a thinking person's thriller. The narrator, Father Felix Fabri of the Dominican Preaching Brothers in Ulm, is a charming guide and the author's evocation of fifteenth-century life is masterful. Father Felix discovers along his journey that the remains of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, his spiritual bride, are being stolen in bits and pieces. Desperate to recover his "wife's" remains and deliver them to eternal rest atop Mount Sinai, Father Felix embarks upon a mystery that is as intellectually stimulating as it is gripping. Fans of Umberto Eco and Barry Unsworth will love this book.

For this issue of Bold Type, the author has written an essay on her own pilgrimage: her journey to Saint Katherine's resting place to research the writing of this novel. Ms. Holman contributes several masterful readings from A Stolen Tongue which convey the power and playfulness of her prose, as well as an excerpt from the novel.

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