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short story: The Incompetent Lover

An Underachiever's Diary: an excerpt

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  Ben Anastas' first novel, An Underachiever's Diary, is a hilarious romp through our culture of achievement. Our hero, William, is the disappointing half of a progressive couple's identical twin boys, lagging behind brother Clive at every step. Born in the sixties in Cambridge, Massachusetts, William enjoys being a disappointment and is "well engaged, trying to be my own worst enemy." From breast-feeding to adolescent socialization and loss of virginity, Clive bests his sibling, causing William to revel in his own failures. This witty debut is a clarion call announcing an exciting new voice in contemporary fiction.

For this issue of Bold Type, Anastas contributes a section of a short story he's working on, titled "The Incompetent Lover," which further demonstrates his charm and humor. An extended author reading of sections of An Underachiever's Diary and an excerpt from the novel round out the feature.

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