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issue twelve: valentines
love and other demons

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barry yourgrau valentine's day special

With his wild imagination, masterful command of imagery, and unique comedic sense, Barry Yourgrau is the perfect author to spend Valentine's Day with.
an underachiever's diary ben anastas

Ben Anastas' witty first novel, a slacker bildungsroman about the underachieving half of a pair of gifted identical twins, heralds the debut of a thrilling young author.
a stolen tongue sheri holman

A rollicking mystery set along the route of a fifteenth-century pilgrimage to the Sinai, Sheri Holman's debut novel is suspenseful, thought-provoking, and a lot of fun.
the other side of the river alex kotlowitz

The renowned author and journalist looks at the problem of race in America through the prism of an unsolved murder and how it has affected two Michigan towns. Though separated only by a river, St. Joseph and Benton Harbor are worlds apart, and constitute a living metaphor for racial division.
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