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When conservative scribe David Brock wrote his controversial, best-selling expose on Anita Hill, liberals were left gasping. Now that Mr. Brock has turned his poisonous pen and insider information against the Republicans, it's conservatives who are holding their collective breath.

In a combination mea culpa/ literary epiphany, one of the brightest minds of the Republican revolution has come clean in a 336-page indictment detailing the GOP's "dirty tricks" and deliberate dissemination of misinformation on their controversial rise to power.

Having learned to put his, "conscience in abeyance", David Brock, a once closeted homosexual, was enjoying a lucrative career as a television pundit and literary assassin by distorting facts to defend the increasingly intolerant rhetoric of the Republican party. No longer able to ignore the hypocrisy of an ideological movement that appreciated his work while berating his lifestyle, David Brock decided to name names, including those of the VIP's who contributed to his muckraking campaigns through leaked FBI files and questionable financial contributions.

Blinded by the Right is an exceptional and rare insider's glimpse into a major political party as told by someone in the know. Those who scoffed at the suggestion of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" in America, owe it to themselves to read this book.

—Brian Niemietz

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