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In Susan Minot's provocative new novella Rapture, two former lovers reunite for an afternoon tryst. Throughout the nearly wordless encounter, the lovers' minds wander through the annals of their sexual pasts and their relationship history, drawing them to such disparate emotional resolutions that it's almost hard to believe that theirs is a shared experience.

Kay and Benjamin began their torrid affair three years prior on a movie set in Mexico. At that time Benjamin was cheating on his fiancée, Vanessa. Now, back in Kay's familiar bedroom engaged in a familiar act of oral sex, Ben is more or less cheating on Vanessa again; unbeknownst to Kay, he is in the process of trying to win Vanessa back.

By alternating points of view, Minot paints poignant portraits of the protagonists' emotional compositions, deftly demonstrating how perspective and context can cause two people to experience the same events in very different ways. For Kay, this encounter is a turning point; she begins to suspect that she might actually be in love with Benjamin. Benjamin, in turn, spirals downward into a chasm of self-loathing that renders him feeling shameful and hopeless by the story's conclusion.

Minot, the author or the critically acclaimed Evening and Monkeys, took time out of her busy writing and new-mothering schedule to speak with Bold Type recently. Read an interview with the author and an excerpt from Rapture.

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