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Sex Crimes: an excerpt

Jenefer Shute on being a bad girl

  Jenefer Shute's acclaimed fiction explores the obsessions of women, artfully getting inside the head a of woman afflicted with anorexia nervosa or a lawyer with a persistent and disturbing attraction to a much younger man. Between love and madness lies Christine Chandler, protaganist of Sex Crimes, who meets Scott at a New Year's Eve party and takes him home. At first she is cool and in control, but soon Christine loses it and the affair ends with a brutal crime. Chris' harrowing descent into delusion is a nerve-wracking Looking for Mr. Goodbar for the nineties, flawlessly rendered and chilling to the core.

Jenefer Shute offers up her own resolutions for the new year, as well as a glimpse of New Year's Eve with Christine Chandler.

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