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jonathan carroll
photo of jonathan carroll
  Jonathan Carroll's stories and novels have made him a cult-legend in the United States, while in Europe his popularity soars. Among the writers whom he can claim as fans are Stephen King, Pat Conroy, and James Ellroy. He lives in Vienna with his family and two dogs.  
laura zigman
photo of laura zigman
  Laura Zigman lived and worked in New York City for ten years before getting completely burnt out and deciding she needed to get a life. To that end, she moved to Washington, D.C. without a job, and spent the next few months terrified that she would never ever get another steady paycheck and would then have to move in with her parents at the age of 35. Luckily, she found a job (at the Smithsonian) and after a few months of sane and manageable 9-5 hours, she was able to finish her first novel, Animal Husbandry.  
jenefer shute
photo of jenefer shute
  Jenefer Shute lives in New York City, where she is working, irresolutely, on her third novel, which may or may not be about a plane crash.  
eli gottlieb
photo of eli gottlieb
  Eli Gottlieb was born in New York City, and raised, to his ongoing astonishment, in New Jersey. He published his first poem, "The Monster in Outerspace," in the school paper when he was eight years old. After high school, entirely unprepared for it, he left for Hampshire College. In the aftermath of that experience, he moved to New York and began working as a professional writer. He eventually went to live in Italy for a few years, where he taught American literature in Padova, and then back to New York, where he was an editor at Elle Magazine. He'd always wanted to write a novel, and when the Provincetown Fine Arts Workcenter saw fit to give him a seven-month fellowship, he left Elle so fast he detached his retinas. He's currently working on his second novel.  
mikal gilmore
photo of mikal gilmore
  Mikal Gilmore has covered and criticized rock and roll and its related issues and culture for many national publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, L.A. Weekly, and Rolling Stone. He was music editor for L. A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and has worked on the staff of Rolling Stone for twenty years, where he has profiled many cultural figures. His first book, Short in the Heart, won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the National Book Critic Circle Award, and was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. He lives and works in Los Angeles.  
bill mckibben
  Bill McKibben has written several hundred pieces for the The New Yorker. His writings on nature have appeared in the New York Review of Books, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and other national publications. His next book, Maybe One: A Personal and Environmental Argument for Single Child Families, will be published by Simon & Schuster this spring. He lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  
    Photo Credits: Laura Zigman: Lynn Goldsmith; Jenefer Shute: Marion Ettlinger.