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  Happy New Year,

This month's theme New Year's Resolutions, and we've enlisted various authors to tell us what they resolve for the upcoming year and to dissect the very idea of the New Year's Resolution. 1997 was a great year for books. From Charles Frazier's extraordinary Cold Mountain, to DeLillo's epic Underword, to Jonathan Lethem's mind-- As She Climbed Across the Table, literature thrived this past year, reaching new heights and expanding in new directions.

Some of you may have seen the New York Magazine article on Bold Type, which said that this e-zine is "a primer on how the postmodern merry pranksters... subvert the boundaries between content and advertising." Though I think the author's intention was to write a scathing article on how the corporate man is once again sticking it to the little guy, he contradicted himself throught the article and it turned out pretty positive. Though he conveniently neglected to mention all of the high-quality, original content we publish, I'd like to thank the author for helping to get the word out on Bold Type and literature on the Web.

We've always been up front about Bantam Doubleday Dell's role in Bold Type, and rather be vilified for it, BDD should be commended. Bold Type refutes the usual complaints that publishing companies only care about big commercial authors and don't put any resources behind literary fiction. Simply put, this magazine would not exist without some sort of corporate backing.

We have featured authors published by other houses before, and last month we began showcasing unpublished authors. We will continue and expand this practice in the coming months to bring you some of today's most exciting writing. We want your input, so let us know what you're interested in, and help us shape future issues.

Larry Weissman
Bold Type Editor