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We at Bold Type are pleased to be featuring Jenny Lee's (one of our very own editors) new book entitled I Do. I Did. Now What?! Life After the Wedding Dress, which is a collection of humorous stories covering the first two years of her life as a brand new wife. Now we've all heard stories of bride-to-be's gone crazy (aka Bridezilla), but this book picks up right after the I Do's and takes a long, hard (and funny) look at life after the wedding.

Lee covered issues that all new married couples deal with, things like: how she freaked when she caught her husband using her expensive shampoo, the changing of the name (Lee said she would, but later re-negged, much to the annoyance of her husband), domestic clean up duties (she went on strike), and also discusses how she once snapped due to a new malady she coins as DDDS (the dreaded dinner discussion syndrome, which comes about after hearing the words, "so whaddya wanna do for dinner tonight" for the three hundredth time!)

When Jenny talked to us about writing an essay about her experiences of writing a very commercial book versus the literary novel she had always wanted to write (she was an English major of course), we said "go for it" and are now proud to present a Bold Type exclusive essay entitled "I Do. I Did. Did I Sell Out?" In her essay she discusses how working in book publishing (in the early 90s) changed the way she felt about books, and then goes on to talk about her own literary aspirations, and how she came to terms with the fact that her first book is very "pop commercial mass-market", and not quite the serious literary novel that she had hoped to write.

We are also featuring an excerpt from her book entitled "The Perfect Fight" which appeared in the chapter For Better or Worse where she tells the story of her first horrendous fight with her husband after she got married and how she dealt with it. Don't be scared though, it's as funny as it is honest.

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